Thursday 22 December 2016

Industrial Solar Water Heater In Coimbatore


VESAT offers Industrial System of any capacity, custom designed, both thermosyphon and forced circulation configuration upto 85℃ temperature. VESAT specializes in designing of pressure systems, heat exchanger system for hard waters, integration with hydropneumatic systems, aesthetically attractive modular systems etc.
 hotel  Hospitals, Hostels, Apartments, Guest Houses, etc.
 Boiler feed water in Canteens, Restaurants, Textile Dyeing, Steam Ironing, Humidifiers, Breweries and Dairies, etc.
 Process heat requirement in Powder Coating, Steam Ironing, Wax Match factories, Sericulture.
 Swimming pool heating system
 Industry need huge amount of power consumption, so in order to generate electricity industrial solar water heater plays a vital role for the storage of power.