Monday 12 June 2017

Industrial Solar Water Heater

Industrial Solar Water Heater
Industrial Solar Water Heater starts at Rs.89500 500 liter. Based on customer requirements the amount will change. Vesat solar - The leading Industrial Solar Water Heater and all other solar products manufacturing companies in Coimbatore.

Hotels, Hospitals, Hostels, Apartments, Guest Houses, etc.
Boiler feed water in Canteens, Restaurants, Textile Dyeing, Steam Ironing, Humidifiers, Breweries and Dairies, etc.
Process heat requirement in Powder Coating, Steam Ironing, Wax Match Factories, Sericulture.
Swimming pool heating system
Industry need huge amount of power consumption, so in order to generate electricity industrial solar water heater plays a vital role for the storage of power.

FPC Industrial Solar Water Heater
Highest efficient Solar Collectors ensures fast heating.
SS 304/316 TIG Welded & also M.S. Tank with special coating for high Chlorine areas.
Compatible with existing hot water system like Electrical / Diesel / LPG Boilers.
Auxiliary heating system with Electrical or LPG also available

ETC Industrial Solar Water Heater
Suitable for Hard water areas
Efficient even in low ambient condition
Horizontal manifold panels arranged in parallel combination ensure faster heating.

industrial solar water heater vesat solar industrial solar water heater Return of investment in 1 to 3 years depending on the fuel.
80% depreciation in the 1st year - gain 24% tax benefit.
Loans from Nationalized banks for 5 years.
30% Capital subsidy from MNRE
Economical, environmental friendly and pollution free.
Extended life of over 20 years.Wide design ranges to suit contemporary architecture.