Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Domestic Solar Water Heater

Domestic Solar Water Heater start at Rs.20000 100 liter. Based on customer requirements the amount will change. Domestic Solar Water Heater two type one ETC(Evacuated Tube Collector) another one FPC(Flat Plate Collector)
Evacuated Tube Collector Solar Water Heater:
1.TRIPLE LAYER COATING ensures maximum temperature.
2. Separate air vent pipe with unique support ensures protection against wind.
3.Electrical backup inbuilt for rainy seasons.
4. Fully Stainless Steel model available for corrosion protection.
5.Hard water compatible (upto 500 ppm) as the salt settles in the glass tube & easily cleanable.
6. Double walled hard borosilicate glass tube with 1.6 mm thick ensures better heating & also protect from hailstones.
7.Vacuum Insulation reduces the conductive heat loss hence efficient than FPC.
Flat Plate Collector Solar Water Heater:
1.Advanced Dual Ultrasonic Bonding guarantees max. temperature even at a low ambient.
2.Highest efficient collector (79% peak) ensures fastest heating.
3.P-PUF Insulation retains heat upto 96 hrs.
4.Concealed auxiliary electrical heater with temperature controller provides 100% Safety.
5.Mg Alloy Sacrificial Anode prevents galvanic corrosion.
6.100% customer satisfaction achieved with 24x7 helpline.
Contact: 9578148884